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Sponsor a child today

Sponsor a Special Needs Child Today

These lovely children are in need of lots of love and care. We invite you to consider sponsoring one or more of these children. We will send you a photo and regular updates of how things are going with the children. We will personally contact you and link you up with a child that needs sponsorship. We want to keep these vulnerable children safe by keeping them in school. Thank you so much for considering these children.

Sponsor Lavender Today

Age 8 - Blind, Deaf, Autism

Sponsor Bianca Today

Age 9 - Severe Learning Difficulties

Sponsor Crystal Today

Autism + CP

Sponsor Malika Today

Cerebral palsy (CP)

Sponsor Leroy Today

CP & Physically disabled

Sponsor Grace Today

Physically challenged

Sponsor Esme Today


Sponsor Javier Today

Spina bifida

Sponsor Tim Today

Down syndrome